Heartfelt Condolence from Katmandu

Dear Godfathers and friends, Namaste!

Today I am very sad to send this news of our hostel. I was about to faint when I faced such unexpected demise of our dear Sabina.

Yesterday, she went to school as usual and she had a bit pain in her stomach and back to home a little earlier. Her father took her hospital and admitted in the emergency. According to her father she could speak and feel. There was more potassium in her blood more than needed which was difficult to decreased. The father said she vomited some blood during cough and about 8 pm after two hours of admitting to the hospital she took her last breathe.

All the relatives and family members came at once and took her for the cremation. And the dead body was burnt at the midnight as the hindus do not keep the dead body for long time to decrease the mourn.

We pray her departed soul will rest in peace in heaven.

Sincerely Yours
Prem, Rupa and Balaju family