About Nepal

nepalBasic Facts

Official Language: Nepali
Capital: Kathmandu
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Area 147.181 km²
Population: 26.494.504 (2012)
Pop. Density: 180 per km²
Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Educational Status

* 3,47 students per 1000 habitants
* educational expenses per habitant: 8 $
* illiteracy: 54,8 %

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, but only speaking of material issues. After only a few days of visit, everybody will experience the real wealth of the interpersonal and spiritual level of the country and the people. Also the overwhelming, wild and untamable nature will clearify the relation between mankind and earth.

In Europe and especially in Germany we have a high material wealth. Nevertheless we experience every day that there’s a price to pay for this, in family life, at work, in social and ecological environment and last but not least we feel the effects on our own body. So it is obvious that both sides can participate in each others strenghts and advantages.

Our intention and vision is now to establish a bilateral effect: Sponsoring projects with certain people in Nepal on one hand, and on the other hand letting the people in our culture area experience the „Knowledge of Life“ – sanscrit: AYURVEDA.

So that both sides can give and take at the same time.

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