About Us

History of Origins

In spring 2004 we visited the „PARAMOUNT BOARDING SCHOOL“ in Sanga for the first time. The reason for our visit was our ambition to support girls, because they still have enormous difficulties to obtain an academic or job-related education in Nepalese society. Since August 2004 we’ve been supporting the children by sponsorships from our friends and relatives. Starting with four sponsorships, we now support ten girls. Initially we were really confident to improve the girls‘ life conditions with our donations, but after a while we had some doubts that they would really benefit directly from the money.

During our visit in november 2005 we wondered whether the school and living in this home in Sanga could really prepare the girls for adequate academic and job-related education.


Over the next visits we realized that the girls neither made some academic improvement nor the accomodation in the house was suitable, even compared to the simple Nepalese average conditions. The ten girls were living and sleeping in one room, though quite common in Nepal, nevertheless shocking for us.

The new School

During our last journey in March 2006, we decided that the girls should move to Lubhu in April 2006 and also go to school there. Lubhu belongs to the rural outskirts of Kathmandu. It is expected that the population of this area will increase during the next years. Another advantage is that Lubhu is located in the valley of Kathmandu and so the girls will have more opportunities for a job after finishing school.


The new school is a „Public Trust School“, this means it is not solely profit oriented like a private school. After talking to Mr Budhathoki, the principal of the school, we are convinced that the girls will make the required progresses in school.

Care and Support

The necessary care for the girls is taken by Prem and his wife Rupa, who are living in the house together with the girls. Prem himself is teacher for English and will attendantly give special support to the girls. Hence we have solved the main problem: after moving from Sanga to Lubhu the girls have a warm-hearted and responsible daily care.

Prem & Rupa

The new Home in Lubhu

The house is nice and quite new. There’s enough room for all the girls. We have rented five rooms:
a kitchen, an office, a room for Prem and his family, two rooms for the girls and a bathroom.


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